Key Issues

  • Secure Infrastructure Investments

    We need more sidewalks, paved alleys, pothole repairs, crosswalks, stop signs, safe pedestrian crossing, and street lights. Across the city, we see infrastructure and improvements in several areas: the Gulch, Downtown, 12 South, West Nashville, and Edgehill. As a council member, Brandon will work with his neighbors and the city to secure the basic investment that seems to have skipped us.  Brandon will advocate for these upgrades in District 21 and be accountable for progress through quarterly community meetings.

  • Decrease Crime & Increase Transparency

    Each member of our community deserves to be treated fairly by the legal system and to live without the threat of violence. Brandon will work with Cmdr. Graves and the North Nashville Police precinct as well as community groups to address crime in our community. He will also support the Community Oversight Board and continue the fight to increase transparency within the Metro Nashville Police Department in an effort to protect citizens and police officers.

  • Fight Illegal Dumping and Protect Our Health

    Illegal dumping can cause health issues. Garbage can contaminate the soil, air and surrounding groundwater, which can be hazardous to our overall health.  Illegal dumping also attracts vermin and insects. Tires that are dumped attract mosquitoes due to stagnant water that collects within the wheels. In August of 2018, the Metro Public Health Department confirmed a case of human West Nile virus from mosquitoes in an alley near the Dr. D.B. Todd Jr. and Buchanan Street intersection. By working with the Metro Public Works Department, Brandon will formulate a plan to decrease illegal dumping. This will help to improve our health by decreasing mosquito populations, protecting us from the deadly West Nile virus and protecting our drinking water.

  • Smart Growth, Unified Communities

    Brandon believes in community. Knowing your neighbors and having meaningful relationships with people in your community means a lot to him. District 21 is a vast and diverse community, spanning from North Nashville to West End. The changing economy is making real estate more valuable in Nashville, and especially in District 21. He will continue to balance the different needs associated with smart growth – where responsible development can match the needs of long time residents and newcomers alike. Brandon will be an advocate for each individual in his community and will help everyone work together around common causes.